Activity Club

Where: Portreath Millennium Community Hall

When: Friday afternoon 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Who's it for: Adults aged 16 years or over

How much: £4.00 per member, parents and carers are free


Our new clubs need support! Unfortunately our new clubs will be postponed until we have received enough interest in people willing to attend them. You can register your interest in the club by sending us an email or text through the following links. Once we have enough people interested we will contact everyone with details of when they are starting. We are also interested to hear your opinion of whether you would be interested in activity clubs for adults or a youth club for children at a different location or day/time, also what sort of activities you like to do. We value your feedback and want to provide you with a service that suits your needs so please speak up as we are open to suggestions.

Come and join us for a fun filled activity session that promotes social inclusion and wellbeing for people with additional needs. We provide sensory and movement activities that engage people whatever their level of disability. Activities include sport based activities, games, exploring art and food, music and massage. We also provide a healthy fruit tuck shop and free drinks.

We believe that people with disabilities are valued members of the community and we aim to increase their abilities to engage with others by expanding on their existing skills. The activities we provide are all designed to increase confidence, skill and a sense of achievement.

Social inclusion

A big part of attending any club is the social benefits it has for individuals. It has proven that regular attendance at a community club increases confidence, self-esteem and interaction skills. For those who don’t want to or find it difficult to participate in activities, we still value your attendance and you will receive a warm welcome. Our aim is to encourage interaction by providing a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with good access for all and the opportunity to make friends and be part of the community.

Sport based activities

We want to improve the fitness and mobility of people through fun activities so there will always be a variety of equipment and activities that can be adapted to individual needs. These will include ball skills, balancing skills, hula and target practice to name a few, which will promote proprioception, coordination, balance, gross motors skills, self-esteem and confidence.


During the session we will play a variety of games to encourage group interaction and social skills, such as listening, focus and self-control.

Exploring art and food

Exploring materials is a wonderful way to engage our senses that anyone can join in. Our hands on sensory activities will use a variety of materials such as paint, water, sand and salt dough to encourage creativity, manipulation and improve fine motor skills. We will discover foods using our smell, touch and taste senses.


The benefits of listening to music are huge in range – it can promote cognitive function and memory, reduce anxiety and stress, lift moods and be calming or stimulating. We will use music during our activities to create a happy energetic atmosphere that helps to motivate and engage people.


The ancient art of massage has been used for centuries to alleviate stress and promote a sense of well-being. It can also improve circulation, muscle tension, pain from arthritis or repetitive use.  During the sessions there will be a qualified, experienced massage therapist offering hand massages for those who may want one.